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About Me

Hi there! My name is Clare and I started Calm Mind Busy Body in 2010. I love making healthy vegan recipes, fitness, health and all that stuff that makes us feel wonderful. In addition to running this wonderful happy site, I also belly dance and love to create art, including photography, film, sculpture, music… I also love escaping the city to be in the country and spending time with my dog and kitty when I can.

Photography Site

About Calmmindbusybody.com

Calm Mind Busy Body launched in 2010. I had become more and more interested in health, fitness, foods…etc around 2008 and started eating more vegetarian foods and started learning about vegan recipes and products. I tried eating all raw for a while, but now I prefer a balance between raw and cooked foods. All the recipes on Calm Mind Busy Body are vegan, and 99% of the latest recipes will be gluten-free. I try to have Giveaways as often as I can. There have been some really awesome ones in the past, so make sure to keep in touch via our Facebook page to be the first to hear about future giveaways!


  1. Madre Lab Products
  2. $50 Credit on iHerb
  3. Amazing Grass Chocolate Drink Powder Giveaways
  4. $50 Well.ca Gift Card
  5. Assorted iHerb.com Products
  6. 5 Super Squeezies Gift Packages
  7. DivaCup Gift Package
  8. Year’s Supply of Catelli Gluten-Free Pasta
  9. Omega Crunch Shaker
  10. Year’s Supply of Minute Rice Minute Rice
  11. Thundershirt
  12. Smile Brilliant Teeth-Whitening System
  13. Catelli Gluten Free Lasagna

Check out our Youtube account for videos! It’s more enjoyable to watch a video than to read a bunch of text on a screen, isn’t it?

My Furry Children


My reminder of how amazing the world is: Marley is my beautiful Belgian Shepherd. She loves having a taste of the recipes when they are appropriate for her to try.



Pants is my scampy and extremely loving kitty. She loves getting kisses from Marley.


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