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It’s been getting quite hot lately and I haven’t been wanting to be cooking a lot in the kitchen. I’m also kicking up my fitness ruitine a notch and have been really enjoying light, energizing, quick to prepare meals with only a small handful of ingredients. Many of these awesome healthful meals are raw, and I love the way it feels to prepare and eat them. I don’t feel weighed down or sluggish, and I can remain staying active throughout the day even after I’ve eaten them. Thought I’d post a couple of the meals I’ve made today and I think I might continue to post these fun fast meals that only require a bit of prep and will leave you feeling great.
So, I can’t even call this one a recipe, but what I’ve been doing for the past few days is to clean and chop up celery when I first wake up and mix together some PB2 and nutritional yeast with water, and then I’ll put it all in the fridge and eat it after my morning workout. I sometimes make other dips instead of the PB2. Last week I made a simple split pea veggie dip. You could also use hummus, raw ranch dressing…homemade dips are preferable.

Another simple thing to do in order to take in enough water is to pop a lemon wedge in your water. Nothing original on my part, but it adds a nice zing. I’m enjoying a glass right now. :)
A lot of the time, I’ll quickly prepare a protein shake/smoothie to drink before/after or throughout my morning workout.  I’ll make sure to always have at least one frozen banana in the freezer, so I can add it into my drinks and it’ll sweeten and thicken it up, as well as make it nice and cold. I changed up my protein smoothie today and I made too much of it, so put the rest in the fridge. Now it’s a few hours later and I decided to put it in a tiny bowl (I used a ramekin) and make a healthy pudding with it. I chopped up a few strawberries and added it on top, as well as adding a few sprinkles of muesli (I used dry Old Country Style Muesli by Bob’s Red Mill). Oh, and I also added a small amount of Chocolate PB2 on top as well. I just finished the last bit of it and it’s a nice sweet and filling treat…in the summer heat. Sorry guys, that was lame.

My chocolate banana chia shake/pudding consisted of:
  • Almond Milk
  • 1 Frozen Banana
  • 1 scoop of chia seeds (Around 1 tbs)
  • 1 scoop Amazing Grass Chocolate Drink Powder
  • Around a tbs of Chocolate PB2
  • A couple of drops of Sweet Leaf Vanilla Creme Stevia

I blended that sucker up… a bit too much. It was super thick. – One of the reasons I decided to put it in a bowl and eat it that way. :) If you wanted to drink this and it’s too thick, just add a bit more milk into it.

* For an actual more “puddingy” type of dish, you can take a look at the chocolate chia pudding recipe.

Anyway, I think I’ll make something simple for dinner as well. :) I really love making dishes (especially raw dishes), where you don’t need to have a recipe or know what the exact measurements are going to be. I’m going to simply look in the fridge and just play around.
Bye for now everyone :)
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