Cabbage Sushi Rolls – Riceless Sushi


Been trying to get back into eating frequent, light meals so that I don’t get weighed down before workouts and so I can keep energized throughout the day. Riceless sushi is always a lovely light meal idea. I made some super simple rolls with only steamed cabbage, cucumber and avocado. If I had some carrots, I would have added in some of that as well. These are quite plain, so I added some wasabi to my soy sauce so give them a super kick of spiceyness. Pickled ginger would have been a nice addition too.


  • Nori Sheets, Bamboo Sushi Mat
  • Lightly steamed Cabbage, chopped into thin strips
  • Cucumber, seeds removed (if you wish). I decided to keep on the skin as it has a lot of nutrients
  • Avocado, sliced
  • Other ideas: Sliced carrot, baby spinach, chopped pineapple, radish, mushrooms, alfalfa sprouts…


  1. If you haven’t rolled sushi before and want to know how, there are many sites online, but I have also made a video for another sushi recipe that shows how one can roll them. I am -no- expert, but I get by with my whack ways, hehe.
  2. I guess that’s it, really… :) If you enjoy the spicyness, mix some wasabi in with some sodium-reduced soy sauce and some pickled ginger and enjoy!

This wasn’t much of a recipe post, and surely not an original one. Just thought it was worth posting in case one is lookin’ for some variations for their sushi or some healthy meal ideas. :)

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  1. […] I have a huge love of sushi (especially when someone else prepares it and not me! ) but there aren’t any close sushi places at my current location so from time to time the urge overcomes me and I spend a bit of extra time on dinner to make some sushi. I don’t usually use rice in my sushi, as I like to keep it light, but I hadn’t had sticky rice for quite a long time so I thought I’d treat myself with a few pieces. I love having wasabi and pickled ginger with my sushi. You should be able to find everything you need at the grocery store, but I’ve also listed where I order my ingredients in the ingredients list below. I also have a riceless sushi recipe, “sushi” made using rice paper, sushi wrapped in spring roll wrappers, and a simple riceless cabbage sushi roll. […]

  2. Sushi Monsters…

    […]Cabbage Sushi Rolls – Riceless Sushi | Calm Mind Busy Body[…]…

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