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SPIBelt – Small Personal Item Belt to hold your keys, phone, ipod, money…


I love simple yet effective products. Ever since I started this site in 2010, I have ended up learning about so many cool products and companies who put so much love into their business. I am happy to write about this practical and awesome product that can be utilized by not only athletes, but those who want a […]

Fave Workout Music of November 2013

It has been a couple of months, so I thought I’d do a new Fave Workout Music post! I’ve been discovering a bunch of these at BodyPump/BodyCombat classes. Click here for my Fave Workout Music Tracks of July/August Antidote – Swedish House Mafia Vs. Knife Party My Songs Know What You Did In the Dark […]

Fave Fitness Apps

I held off getting a smart phone for quite a while. I thought it would be distracting, and while it can be a little too enticing at times, I really love it and find it to be a great tool for fitness and nutrition. I have tried dozens of health/fitness applications and keep only a […]

Fave Workout Music of July/August 2013

Hey everyone! It has been ages since I have made a Fitness related post. I have been wanting to put together some of my favourite workout tunes for a while now. I find a rockin’ or groovin’ song really puts me in the mood and can increase the productiveness and effort of my workouts by […]

Cleaning Bikram Yoga Clothes and Mat – How I got into Bikram Yoga


Bikram Yoga has only been in my life for a few months, but it has already done so much for me. I can’t picture my life without it (nor would I want to!). I have currently done 57 classes at the time of writing this. 10 this past summer and 47 since joining the wonderful […]

Clif Bars Review – Recipes for Healthy Bars – Clif Bars Coupon – Vegan Energy Bars for Fitness and Endurance


I’ve tried to consciously eat more during breakfast, and to also eat more small meals throughout the day. I always eat breakfast, which is good, but I often don’t eat enough because I’m worried I will feel slowed down afterwards. However, this would only be a concern if I were eating a huge stack of […]

My Insanity Journey & Progress – Work out Routines for Home – Insanity Does it Work


I have to say – I had been hoping I would someday find myself doing the Insanity program and now I am! It has be so intense, but I have really enjoyed it at the same time. I feel great and can’t wait till the end of the nine weeks. I hope this continuous post […]

Get in Amazing Shape at Home – Work out exercises at home


Work out Routine at Home: Get Amazing Results from the comfort of your home with hula hooping, yoga, pilates, cardio, martial arts, kick boxing & more I haven’t had a gym membership for over 2 years and I have never been in better shape! This is not at all to say that gyms are not […]

Travel Roller Review – Benefits of Rolling – Exercises with Foam Roller – IT band roller.

Travel Roller

Foam Rollers and Travel Rollers are used to give soft tissue massage on different parts of your body. It is used for myofascial release, massaging of the IT band, quads, upper and lower back, shoulders, armpits, hamstrings, calves, feet, glutes, groin and neck. It can be done prior or after a workout, as a relaxing […]

Hula Hoop as Exercise – Fitness Hula Hoops – Exercise with Hula Hoop


Hoop Dance / Hula hooping has rapidly become one of my favourite things to do. A passion even. I have been (tribal) belly dancing for a few years now and hooping seemed like a natural addition, as it utilizes many of the same muscles and movements. I began hooping in April 2011 and now do […]

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