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Gluten Free Vegan Chick’n Nuggets


So this was a random thing I did as I was finishing up making dinner. I haven’t had chicken nuggets for years, and I wasn’t setting out to make a vegan alternative, but I wanted to make something to accompany a soup I was making for dinner and these ended up looking like nuggets and […]

Cheezy Curry Sweet Potato Chunks


My new favourite way to prepare sweet potato. First it was shredding it and stir frying it (which I have still been enjoying a few times a week!), now it is chopping it into chunks and seasoning it was “cheezy” and spicy curry seasoning and baking it. It is simple….simply delicious. Ok, lame, but it […]

Baked Crusted Okra

A quick and easy snack, appetizer or side to a meal. I admit that I am not a huge fan of Okra, but this is how I do enjoy eating it when it is around. If you like Okra or just want to try it out, you might want to try this recipe out. I […]

Baked Turnip Fries – Healthy French Fry Alternative

It’s a new year and I am trying to get my diet as clean as possible. It had some a bit to the wayside for the last few weeks, so I am slowly starting to keep most processed foods out of my apartment and really embracing my oven (I previously lived for 2+ months without […]

Spicy Roasted Chickpeas – Easy healthy snack or side dish


There are a bunch of spiced chickpea recipes out there – Mine isn’t anything unique, but it is delicious. I just threw what I thought would taste good together and quickly baked them up and enjoyed these with a salad, vegetables and some homemade vegan cornbread for both lunch and dinner today. The amounts of […]

Healthy Fresh Rice Paper Rolls with Sweet Garlic Hot Pepper Sauce


I haven’t made rice paper rolls for months and I really missed them. They are so light and delicious and you can easily  spice them up with whatever dipping sauce you choose to make. Once you get the hang of rolling them, they really don’t take too long to make – especially if you have […]

Grilled Zucchini Pizzas with Vegan shredded cheese, tomatoes and capers


Zucchinis are one of my favourite vegetables – You can make noodles out of them, chips, fries, fritters, use them in stir fries and in casseroles and when they are grilled they are so, so good. Ok, so obviously these grilled zucchini “pizzas” won’t fool anyone, but when you are in the mood for tomato […]

Fast Chickpea Pumpkin Spread for Crackers, Salad, Sandwiches, Pasta, Stir fries


I’ve been eating pumpkin a whole lot lately. There is just so much you can do with it. I decided to just throw a bunch of things into a bowl and see how it turned out. This spread tastes good both hot and cold. If this isn’t interesting you, here are some of my other […]

Riceless Vegan Dolmas – Stuffed Grape Leaves with Jicama, Artichoke, Dill and Mint


A few weeks ago I had an intense urge for dolmas (stuffed grape leaves), even though I am not even sure that I have had them before. I found a restaurant near me which had them on their menu, but they were expensive. I found some at a couple of grocery stores, but those were […]

Kale Pakoras – Recipes for Pakoras


Mmm, wonderful Kale! In case you haven’t experienced the wonders of kale, then maybe some kale pakoras will do the trick! Pakoras usually use tons of oil. I’ve tried to limit the oil used in this. If our oven worked, I would have tried to make this an oven-recipe for pakoras, so that’ll have to […]

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