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Gluten Free Vegan Baked Donuts with Chocolate Glaze

 So I have been waiting for like a year to try my hand at baked vegan donuts! I just didn’t have a donut pan and was holding off, since it isn’t really that multi-purpose and I only do freelance work right now and try to be savvy with the money-spending…butttt, I recently realized my local […]

Baked Gluten-Free Banana Oat Cakes

For a few weeks I was constantly making pancakes… they were healthy, but I got a bit tired of them, and having to stand over a hot stove in order to make them in the already hot weather was becoming a bit of an unpleasant task. I’ve been switching to baked things, where I can […]

Vegan Gluten-Free Chocolate Pumpkin Seed Cookies

I have tried to clean my diet up a bit by not buying packaged cookies. I’ve also been going on a pumpkin rampage, as well as finding meals and snacks I can make ahead of time and freeze so I don’t have to make new things every day. These pumpkin cookies are really yummy and full of […]

Easy Iced Lemon Green Tea

Super simple but so refreshing! Fresh lemon, green tea, frozen pineapple chunks, lime, sparkling water… mmmm! I have been drinking this all day. Double or triple the amount you make so you can keep some in the fridge.   Print Ingredients filtered water 1-3 tea bags (I used Blueberry Green Tea – I have used […]

Iced Pumpkin Latte

I don’t know why, but things just seem to taste yummier out of a mason jar and with a large glass straw. (Mine is from Glass Dharma!) I love coffee, but I have been somewhat regretting pouring myself steaming cup while it is crazy hot outside. I didn’t want to spend $3-5+ iced beverage at a […]

Healthy Vegan Ice creams in Blender – No ice cream maker needed!

I have been going crazy with frozen desserts to keep myself cool during these hot days. These ice creams are so easy to make if you have a decent blender, and have no added sugar other than the natural sugars in the banana and if you decide to add some of the Soy French Vanilla milk, […]

Gluten Free Vegan Peanut Butter & Jelly Pancakes

I’ve been running low on certain flours I use in my pancakes (again…I’m always running out! :P), but I had some gluten free rolled oats and a bit of chickpea flour, so I ground up the oats into a flour and added it with the chickpea flour…and I was seriously craving peanut butter and strawberry […]

Healthy Raw Caramel Spread with Apple Slices & Cacao Nibs

A healthy raw caramel spread. Very creamy and gooey and tastes just like caramel! All natural ingredients and great on apples, in oatmeal, on icecream, in desserts, spread on toast, on pancakes, waffles…Just blend up all the ingredients until smooth and you’re ready to eat some yummy caramel.   Print Prep time 5 mins Total […]

Gluten Free Vegan Strawberry Apple Pancakes

I was all ready to make pancakes when I realized I was out of most of my gluten-free flours… no GF all purpose, no sorghum, no coconut flour…running low on buckwheat flour. Oh dear! But, the little switch up I ended up doing make some delicious pancakes! They flip really nicely and have a bit […]

Creamy Chickpea Spread with Fresh Bell Pepper, Romaine & Avocado

Warm weather just calls for meals like this! Very quick to put together and so fresh and crunchy. I feel like this will become a stable recipe for the spring/summer!…I actually wish I had some right now. :[ These would probably be good baked in the oven too! Must try that sometime…with vegan cheese on […]

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