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Raw Coconut Pistachio Cookies


It has been a while since I have made a raw recipe. Actually, it has been quite a while since I have made a post on here. My computer’s hard drive was faulty, and I was waiting for the new hard drive to arrive in the mail. Photo-editing was nearly impossible with my last hard […]

Healthy Raw Caramel Spread with Apple Slices & Cacao Nibs

A healthy raw caramel spread. Very creamy and gooey and tastes just like caramel! All natural ingredients and great on apples, in oatmeal, on icecream, in desserts, spread on toast, on pancakes, waffles…Just blend up all the ingredients until smooth and you’re ready to eat some yummy caramel.   Print Prep time 5 mins Total […]

Raw Fudgey Truffles with Mesquite Caramel Filling

I haven’t made any raw recipes aka raw desserts (!!) for a long time. I had purchased some maca and mesquite powder a few months ago and hadn’t really dove into them, so I chose mesquite and made what are probably some of the yummiest raw chocolates I have made yet! Not to say I […]

Baked or Raw Chocolate Fig Swirls

  Baked or Raw Chocolate Fig Swirls   Print Makes 14-15 small Chocolate Fig Swirls. Author: Clare Serves: 15 Ingredients Filling: 6 dried figs 1 tbs raw cacao powder 1 tbs water pinch of sea salt Crust / Dough: ¼ cup oat flour 2 tbs buckwheat flour 2 tbs sunflower seeds pinch of sea salt […]

Raw Pate-Filled Nori Crackers


Some raw nori seaweed crackers with an almond, sunflower and basil pate filling. A dehydrator is required if you want these to be raw. If not, you can try them in the oven, but you’d have to cut the “cooking” time way down. If you don’t have a dehydrator and want to keep this raw, […]

Raw Chocolate Pudding Pie with Raw Chocolate Shell and Chocolate-Covered Strawberries


I will take almost any excuse to make a raw dessert. I will rarely make them for just myself, but if I can make something for someone else, I am on it. My dad was away for about 4 days, so I took the opportunity to make him a raw chocolate pudding pie with a […]

Veggie-Packed Raw Chia Crackers – Healthy Raw Vegetable Crackers


Upaya Naturals had a contest in March where you had to come up with a raw recipe using chia seeds. I normally make puddings or shakes with chia, but that seemed too obvious so I made some chia crackers in the dehydrator. I love the dehydrator for making crackers and chips. If you aren’t concerned […]

Raw Vanilla Cream-Filled Mini Cinnamon Cakes with Chocolate Avocado Frosting


A mix between a cream-filled cookie and a dense cinnamoney crumbly cake. When they are popped in the freezer for 30 minutes or so, the frosting and cashew cream tastes a bit like ice cream too. I haven’t made too many raw desserts lately…but these are definitely a good way to start back up.   […]

Raw Brownies with Raw Chocolate Icing


I had made a recipe video for a contest back in October, but I just realized that I never made it into a post on the site, so here it is! Possibly one of the most delicious raw desserts I’ve ever had!   Raw Brownies with Raw Chocolate Icing   Print Author: Clare Ingredients Brownie […]

Raw Apple Slices with Fig & Almond Crumble – Quick raw snack!


Fast and easy snack that’s raw and delicious. Figs are great dry or fresh. You can eat them on their own, chop them up and put in a salad, take them with you while you’re out on a hike or walking the dog…or make fig-squares with them! I keep dried figs in my fridge in […]

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