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Raw Apple Slices with Fig & Almond Crumble – Quick raw snack!


Fast and easy snack that’s raw and delicious. Figs are great dry or fresh. You can eat them on their own, chop them up and put in a salad, take them with you while you’re out on a hike or walking the dog…or make fig-squares with them! I keep dried figs in my fridge in […]

Raw Creamy Mixed Seaweed Salad


Finished off Day Three of my 11 week Raw Initiative by making a delicious sea weed salad with creamy avocado. Sooo good. I ate the whole package of sea seed. 😮 If you use the same brand of sea weed I did, make sure you thoroughly wash and rinse the salt off of the sea […]

Raw Spicy Cabbage Avocado Salad – in Romaine Lettuce Wraps


I made this salad on the 1st day of the Raw Food Rehab 11 Week Initiative . I wrapped the salad in big romaine leaves and it was sooo good. I have plenty of leftovers for today too! :o) Ingredients 2 1/2 – 3 cups finely chopped cabbage / dry cabbage coleslaw (mine had carrots […]

Berry Energy Smoothie – Recipe for Healthy Smoothies


Day 3 of Raw Balance! Just received the items I bought for the giveaway coming up in the mail today, along with an extra sample of Amazing Grasses’ Berry Drink Powder! Had to give it a go, especially since I’m on a raw food mission for the next 11 weeks! I have the Amazing Grass […]

Vanilla Fruit Smoothie with Chia – Recipe for Healthy Smoothies


Today is Day 2 of the Raw Food Rehab “Raw Balance” 11 Week Initiative (my video about it). Very happy to be a part of it. This morning I decided to make a smoothie. I made one yesterday, but it didn’t turn out so well. I need to get back into the swing of things, […]

Chocolate for Vegans – Raw Chocolates in pretty moulds – Cacao to Chocolate


Using little chocolate moulds for your raw chocolates are an easy way to make stunning and impressive desserts, and in hardly any time at all! Because these are made from high quality ingredients and are kept the in freezer, they have a melt-in-your-mouth taste and are sure to impress your friends or for giving to […]

Plum Spinach Salad with Pate


Fresh and light salad that is very fast to whip up when you already have your pate prepared. An idea is to prepare the pate a day in advance and then the next day, you can just throw some spinach in a bowl, chop up a plum and scoop a dollop of the pate on […]

Raw Pate/Spread – “Seafood Tuna Pate”


Very versatile vegan pate. This is especially great for someone who is having tuna-type cravings, but is following a vegetarian/vegan/raw diet. You can add in different herbs and spices, depending on your tastes. Maybe add in a little bit of fresh dill, some cayenne, nutritional yeast….have fun playing around with it. I find this a […]

No Bake Mini Cupcakes with Chocolate Peanut Butter Icing – PB2


My order consisting of PB2 and chocolate PB2 arrived in the mail today and I got too excited and wanted to make something with them. I sadly couldn’t order the PB2 from the brand’s website, since shipping to Canada is absolutely insane. 😐 I had some of the original kind of some left over pizza […]

Raw Mint Chocolate Cookies – No Bake Cookies


Last night I had a wicked sweet craving and had some almond meal in the pantry so I decided to just make a little treat and this is what I came up with – Raw mint chocolate cookies! No bake cookies that are gluten-free and full of yummy ingredients.   Print Ingredients Almond Flour/Meal (I […]

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