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(Closed) Sample Giveaway + Recipe: Healthy Fast Herbed Tofu Salad with Artichokes and Cherry Tomatoes


Now that the weather has been starting to warm up, I have really been getting back into salads. I usually keep them single and fast, yet tasty and exciting enough that I won’t get sick of eating them for at least part of one meal a day. I keep all my dry salad ingredients in […]

Chickpea Pinenut Apple Spread / Salad

  This is one of my favourite recipes and healthy foods to make as a side to my meals or a light snack on some crackers in as a filling in a couple of rice paper rolls. The ingredients and measurements always vary slightly. I actually don’t measure out anything, I just eyeball it all, […]

Mexican Inspired Creamy Vegan Salad with Veggie Beef, Avocado and Vegan Sour Cream


I’ve been stuck eating the same things for breakfast and think I might not be eating enough in the early parts of the day. As a result, I eat larger amounts in the evening and this doesn’t seem too beneficial, especially since I do intense short work outs every day – I should be taking […]

Spicy Merry Salad with Avocado & Figs


Here is a very colourful and festive salad. Great as a meal in itself or as a vibrant side to increase the eyecandy to an otherwise “dull” meal. The chopped up dried figs as a nice sweetness, the avocado adds creaminess, the peppers add crunchiness and the hot sauce adds a lovely spiciness! (add in […]

Raw Creamy Mixed Seaweed Salad


Finished off Day Three of my 11 week Raw Initiative by making a delicious sea weed salad with creamy avocado. Sooo good. I ate the whole package of sea seed. 😮 If you use the same brand of sea weed I did, make sure you thoroughly wash and rinse the salt off of the sea […]

Raw Spicy Cabbage Avocado Salad – in Romaine Lettuce Wraps


I made this salad on the 1st day of the Raw Food Rehab 11 Week Initiative . I wrapped the salad in big romaine leaves and it was sooo good. I have plenty of leftovers for today too! :o) Ingredients 2 1/2 – 3 cups finely chopped cabbage / dry cabbage coleslaw (mine had carrots […]

Plum Spinach Salad with Pate


Fresh and light salad that is very fast to whip up when you already have your pate prepared. An idea is to prepare the pate a day in advance and then the next day, you can just throw some spinach in a bowl, chop up a plum and scoop a dollop of the pate on […]

Raw Pate/Spread – “Seafood Tuna Pate”


Very versatile vegan pate. This is especially great for someone who is having tuna-type cravings, but is following a vegetarian/vegan/raw diet. You can add in different herbs and spices, depending on your tastes. Maybe add in a little bit of fresh dill, some cayenne, nutritional yeast….have fun playing around with it. I find this a […]

Seafoody “Tuna” Spread for sandwiches, crackers, salads


There are tons of recipes for “mock tuna salad” or seafoody type spreads made from sunflower seeds and/or chickpeas. I got really hungry and threw in a bunch of stuff that tastes good together, so this recipe will perhaps be slightly different, adding and omitting certain things. Didn’t add in celery or onion to this, […]

Vegetable Tempeh Arame Salad


A Vegetable Tempeh Arame Salad that’s filling and full of flavor. You can add pretty much anything you’d like to this salad. Arame is a variety of Kelp (seaweed). It has a plain flavor on its own, so it is great for taking on the flavor of other foods and dressings. It is a great […]

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