Vegan Faux Turkey Veggie Cucumber-Wich
  • ⅓ field cucumber, seeds/middle part scraped out with a spoon (you can slice the bottom so it lays flat on a plate)
  • fresh tomato, sliced
  • avocado (I actually forgot to add this in, but it totally should be in there if you like avocados! :))
  • sun-dried tomato
  • mesclun / romaine / other leafy greens (I used mesclun)
  • alfalfa sprouts
  • a few slices of faux turkey (I used Tofurkey)
  • vegan honey mustard / dijon mustard / vegan mayo
  • ground black better, to taste
  1. Cut about a third of a field cucumber, slice lengthwise and remove the middle by scraping with a spoon. Add the other ingredients as if you were making a sandwich. You can cut the cucumber "sandwich" into bit sized pieces to make it even easier to eat.
  2. You can find vegan mayo at the grocery store or make your own. If you are wanting to use vegan honey mustard, I'll include a couple of links to recipes. I haven't yet seen any premade vegan honey mustards on the market, but I'm sure one exists. :)
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