How to Make Fluffy Popcorn using Only Water – No Oil

I really like using coconut oil when making popcorn on the stove top, but I also make it with only a bit of water too. There was a post on a popular food blog that I follow that mentioned that they had tested popping popcorn kernels with oil and with water in a pot and they came to the conclusion that water didn’t work, or had very little success. Their photos showed that most of the kernels never popped, and the few that did were tiny and semi-burnt. While making popcorn with water does require a bit more time and finessing, I will say that you CAN make fluffy popcorn using only water. It is not a 100% success rate each time (for me) – Sometimes there are a few un-popped kernels in the end, but it usually works well. That said, I do prefer the taste of popcorn when I have used a bit of coconut oil, but since I order my coconut oil online, when I run out I usually make my popcorn with water.

I’d say it takes about 10 minutes to do this – a tad longer than it takes when I use oil.

Tips on how to fluffy popcorn with water:

  1. I get out a medium-sized pot and add in about 2-3 tbs of water. Then I heat it to medium-high just until it starts to sizzle and then I reduce the heat to medium-low.
  2. I add in 2-3 tbs of popcorn kernels and lightly shake the pot so they are all in a flat layer, place the lid on the pot and wait for a couple of minutes and then I shake the pot and add in 1/2 – 1 tbs more water and place the lid back on. It does take a few minutes for the kernels to start popping. If it is taking more time than that, increase the heat slightly until the first one pops and then reduce the heat again. Occasionally shake the pot so the popcorn doesn’t burn.
  3. Once they start popping the hard part is usually over. Keep lightly wiggling/shaking the pot. When the popping becomes infrequent, remove the pot from heat but leave the lid on until all the popping has stopped.

Because the popcorn will be dry as opposed to when you cook with oil, you may want to lightly spray the popcorn with a bit of oil/coconut oil if you want salt/nutritional yeast etc to stick to the popcorn. Or you could sprinkle on some cinnamon or some vegan Worcestershire sauce!

If you can spare a few extra minutes, then using only water is definitely possible. 🙂

Eden Foods Organic Popcorn

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