My Favourite Things to Buy at – 2010/2011

iherb_thumb is a website that offers hundreds of natural products at some of the lowest prices I’ve seen. They ship worldwide, and offer very reasonable shipping to Canada. I usually only pay $4-$6 on shipping. Most online stores I’ve come across have really expensive shipping, and that usually results in me leaving the site, without completing my order. I’ve made 9 orders so far, and I haven’t been disappointed yet. On the side of the prices of the products, they mention how much of a discount off the original price they are offering. Whenever I am interested in ordering something, I’ll always check on to see if they offer what I’m looking for, as they are usually cheaper in price and often offer bulk discounts. They also include at least one free sample per order, and they have a page on their site where you can see a list of the current free samples and add them to your cart. I love free stuff :)

  • If something you like is out of stock, there is the option of being notified by email when that product is available again. I’ve used this a number of times and it usually doesn’t take long for an item to become in stock again.
  • offers supplements, vitamins, bath/body products, deodorant, cosmetics, toothpaste, baking products, beans, coffee, oils, dried fruits, gluten-free products, rice, snack foods, spices, sweeteners, teas… and more.
  • Quote from “iHerb uses 100% post-consumer recycled paper for 90% of all shipping boxes. Our bubble wrap is 40% recyclable, and we recycle virtually all packing materials received from manufacturers. All in the interest of a healthier, more sustainable planet!”

*I am not being paid by to create this post. I am just very impressed by their service and thought it might be useful to those of you who are unaware of this site and want to check it out.


Alrighty, now here are some of my favourite things to order from I’ll try to mention the price different so you can notice the savings you’ll get when ordering from iHerb. *However, the prices sometimes change so it might not be exactly the same when you look at the prices, but they should be close.


My Favourite iHerb Products to Purchase!

  • Queen Helene Mint Julep Mask – Price $3.83 (Usually around $5 at other locations)

I haven’t been able to find this mask in any Canadian stores – I have a feeling you can’t even get it in Canada. I’ve ordered this a few times for family and friends. Lovely mask and a good price. This stuff lasts a long time and is great as a cleansing mask for acne-prone skin. I also like spot-treating and leaving it on over night. It isn’t too drying.

  • Avalon Organics, Deodorant Spray in Rosemary & Peppermint and in Clary Sage & Lemon – Price $5.58 (Avalon Organics sell these for almost $9)

I don’t like these so much as a deodorant spray, but as a room spray. All of the ingredients are natural and they make bathrooms smell pleasant. I feel a lot better spraying these in a room than using Febreeze or some other weird chemical spray.

  • Crystal Body Deodorant, Crystal Body Deodorant Spray – Price $2.79 ($4.69 at

Ever since I stopped using “normal” deodorants and antiperspirants, which include aluminium, I’ve been trying out a number of different stick and spray deodorants which are made up of more natural ingredients. This one is the best spray I’ve found so far. Unfortunately, it won’t keep you are fresh as antiperspirants which include aluminium, but it’s not good to be putting that on your body, and so I’ll take a little extra sweat… It’s really only an issue on very hot summer days. One can just keep this in their bag when they are out and keep sprayin’ themselves if they feel the need. I just ordered 2 more of these – Been going through them fast during these hot summer days.

  • Now Foods, Completely Kissable, Lip Balm, Vanilla Bean – Price $1.60 (discount when you order 4 or 12)

Very lovely, inexpensive lip balm. Pleasant smell, moisturizing…doesn’t leave the lips feeling all sticky. I really dislike odd smelling lip balm, so I am quite a fan of this ones subtle vanilla flavour. I’ve ordered this about 4 times.

  • Now Foods Avocado Oil and Sweet Almond Oil – Price $4.96 & $3.18 (most avocado oil and sweet almond oils i’ve come across have been at least $8)

During the past 12 months, I’ve been gradually replacing products packed full of chemicals and odd ingredients with more natural ones (preferably things with only one ingredients!). One of the things I’ve replaced were commercial makeup removers. I now use Sweet Almond Oil to remove my makeup and to moisturize my face. I have acne prone skin, and it doesn’t clog up my pores or cause me to break out. It’s lovely stuff. I put it on before I apply makeup and it makes the makeup sit wonderfully on my skin. I’ve started to use Avocado oil relatively recently. I usually use it as an all over-my-body moisturizer. It can also be used in the same manner as the Sweet Almond Oil. Avocado oil is also great as an oil to use when giving a massage – I can back that up! 😉 iHerbs prices for these two oils are great.

  • Now Foods, Holy Basil Extract, 500 mg, 90 Vcaps – Price $12.73 (iHerb’s price isn’t necessarily lower than other sites, but you’ll most likely save money anyway due to cheap shipping)

I first heard about Holy Basil late last year from Kevin Gianni at Renegade Health. I’ve almost finished my first bottle of Holy Basil, and although it -could- just be a placebo effect, it seems like it is helping me manage my stress. I can be a very stressy person, especially when I was in university (I just graduated a couple of months ago!). I’m sure my stressy nature will return when I get a full-time job, at which time, I’ll probably be able to really see if the Holy Basil is having an affect on my system as I seem to think it is. Holy Basil is said to help the body adapt to stress, so I was quite interested when I heard Kevin rave about it and add it to one of his “top product” lists. I just reordered this, as it seems to be doing something positive. :)

  • Rapunzel, Vegan Vegetable Bouillon, No Salt Added, 8 Cubes – Price $2.50

No Salt Added – Finally!

  • ToothSoap, Natural & Organic Tooth Cleanser, Peppermint Gel – Price $15.95 (About $10 less than if you ordered this from!)

I switched from tooth paste to tooth soap about 8 months ago and although it does take some getting used to, I generally prefer using this as it’s gentle on my mouth and is made up of only a few ingredients that one can actually pronounce. (organic extra virgin olive oil, organic coconut oil, coral calcium, Himalayan crystal salt, spring water & pure essential oil). It is quite a leap in price when compared to regular tooth paste, but iHerb makes it a little more affordable by saving you around $10, and it does last for a decent amount of time. I’ve been to the dentist since switching to this and there has been nothing wrong, so I’m going to keep using it until I find something else…so far so good.

  • Amazing Grass, Green SuperFood, Chocolate Drink Powder – Price $21.44 (Save over $6 when ordering from iHerb)

This is a super food powder that you mix into drinks, desserts, milkshakes…etc. It is packed with nutrients and tastes great. This brand is one of the cheapest super food powders on the market.

  • HimalaSalt, Primordial Himalayan Pink Sea Salt – Price $6.15

Pure, delicious Pink Sea Salt. Best salt i’ve tasted. I never used to use salt in my recipes, but now I love to add a pinch of this to my dishes to make the flavours come alive – in both sweet and savoury foods.

  • Greens Plus, Chia Seeds, Omega 3 Superfood – Price $13.37 and Nature’s Answer Chia Seeds – Price $12.96

Oh, chia seeds! How I have fallen in love with you. I’ve been adding them into my pancakes, puddings, smoothies, milkshakes…It’s so easy to incorporate them into your diet. They become very gelatinous when soaked and expand many times their size.

I think that’s it for now! I hope this post has been helpful to some of you.

Bye for now my lovelies!


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