Single Serving Vegan Stuffed Pita – Healthy and fast


If you have a some leftovers in the fridge or just odds and ends that need to be used, then perhaps you can make a delicious healthy stuffed pita! It really doesn’t take long, especially since it’s a single serving. If you are only looking for an even lighter meal, cut the pita in half […]

Vegan Uramaki – Crispy Tofu Vegetable Sushi with Wasabi & Pickled Ginger


I have a huge love of sushi (especially when someone else prepares it and not me! :P) but there aren’t any close sushi places at my current location so from time to time the urge overcomes me and I spend a bit of extra time on dinner to make some sushi. I don’t usually use […]

Vegan Asian-inspired Carrot Stir fry with Crispy Tofu


This is a variation of the rice paper sushi rolls with crispy tofu, kelp noodles & spicy peanut sauce for when you want to do less work or are just in the mood for a bowl of deliciousness. Any leftover tofu can be used for in a sandwich, in the next night’s meal, on top of […]

Fresh Cold Vegan Sushi Rolls with Crispy Tofu, Kelp Noodles & Spicy Peanut Sauce


I’ve been really craving Toronto sushi takeout lately and wanted to make a more traditional roll, but we didn’t have any sticky rice in the house and I had some kelp noodles that needed to be used so I thought I’d switch things up a bit and use rice paper instead of nori. These were […]

Raw Vanilla Cream-Filled Mini Cinnamon Cakes with Chocolate Avocado Frosting


A mix between a cream-filled cookie and a dense cinnamoney crumbly cake. When they are popped in the freezer for 30 minutes or so, the frosting and cashew cream tastes a bit like ice cream too. I haven’t made too many raw desserts lately…but these are definitely a good way to start back up. Ingredients […]

Easy Vegan Cold Rice Paper Rolls with Chickpea “Tuna” & Grilled Portobello


I’ve been on a rice paper roll kick in the last few days. They are so fresh and light and take no time to make. Great alternative to bread, pitas, tortillas, fried spring rolls…etc. And you can fill them with just about anything! The two quick recipes I’ve added below are what I ate for […]

Mexican Inspired Creamy Vegan Salad with Veggie Beef, Avocado and Vegan Sour Cream


I’ve been stuck eating the same things for breakfast and think I might not be eating enough in the early parts of the day. As a result, I eat larger amounts in the evening and this doesn’t seem too beneficial, especially since I do intense short work outs every day – I should be taking […]

Oat Banana Vegan Pancakes with Berries


Been working out all week and started back up with my dance practice, so I decided to have a quiet sunday while my sore muscles repair themselves. I had a sudden pancake craving, and we have a few bananas which are really close to being super mushy, so at that point I was sold. We […]

Travel Roller Review – Benefits of Rolling – Exercises with Foam Roller – IT band roller.

Travel Roller

Foam Rollers and Travel Rollers are used to give soft tissue massage on different parts of your body. It is used for myofascial release, massaging of the IT band, quads, upper and lower back, shoulders, armpits, hamstrings, calves, feet, glutes, groin and neck. It can be done prior or after a workout, as a relaxing […]

Protein Powders & Mixes that I use – Best Protein Powder Vegan

Protein Powder

I never used to use any protein powders or vegan powders for my drinks, but since I’ve started taking my fitness and work outs seriously during the past two years, I have gradually tried out quite a few, and this post will be a quick run-down of what I use and recommend. Some powders are […]

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