Travel Roller Review – Benefits of Rolling – Exercises with Foam Roller – IT band roller.

Travel Roller

Foam Rollers and Travel Rollers are used to give soft tissue massage on different parts of your body. It is used for myofascial release, massaging of the IT band, quads, upper and lower back, shoulders, armpits, hamstrings, calves, feet, glutes, groin and neck. It can be done prior or after a workout, as a relaxing […]

Protein Powders & Mixes that I use – Best Protein Powder Vegan

Protein Powder

I never used to use any protein powders or vegan powders for my drinks, but since I’ve started taking my fitness and work outs seriously during the past two years, I have gradually tried out quite a few, and this post will be a quick run-down of what I use and recommend. Some powders are […]

Raw Brownies with Raw Chocolate Icing


I had made a recipe video for a contest back in October, but I just realized that I never made it into a post on the site, so here it is! Possibly one of the most delicious raw desserts I’ve ever had!   Ingredients Brownie Mixture 2 cups Almond Meal (Can use 1 cup Almond […]

Agloves – Touch Screen and Texting Gloves


Hey guys – Just writing a quite blurb about a cool product! Agloves are gloves that let you text and use your touch screen devices (including cameras!) while wearing them when it’s nippy out. I first heard about Agloves a few months ago when they were having a 1/2 off deal, I believe. I decided […]

Grilled Vegan Kabobs with Vegetables & Tofu


My parents’ oven has been on the fritz for a good while now, so I decided to get them a little “party” grill for Christmas. I have used it twice and I am very happy with it! That being said, I have never used a grill before, so I’m definitely not a grill connoisseur or […]

3 Ingredient Light Potato Leek Soup

Leek Soup

I fell behind on my cooking for a couple of weeks and really felt the impact of eating too much bread. I have been itching for a big old salad and soup, so yesterday I fulfilled half of my cravings by making a light and yummy potato leek soup! Just what I needed to get […]

Spicy Merry Salad with Avocado & Figs


Here is a very colourful and festive salad. Great as a meal in itself or as a vibrant side to increase the eyecandy to an otherwise “dull” meal. The chopped up dried figs as a nice sweetness, the avocado adds creaminess, the peppers add crunchiness and the hot sauce adds a lovely spiciness! (add in […]

Fruit&Fruit Bar Review – Vegan Bars made of ONLY Fruits!


Hello hello! It’s Christmas day (not any more, but I started writing this on Christmas :)) and I’m sitting in bed working on some of my Calm Mind Busy Body “To-Dos”. It’s very sunny out and there is quite a lot of snow outside. Quite lovely. So, a few days ago I was contacted by […]

Festive Root Vegetable Pancakes with Vegan Sour Cream


Extremely colourful and flavourful shredded root vegetable pancakes. Sooo good and beautiful for the holidays. Make them for breakfast, lunch or dinner! If you have an easily cleaned surface and some gloves that are stain resistant or disposable, it might be a good idea since beets can be mighty messy and hard to clean up. […]

Raw Crunch Bar Review – No artificial nothin’!


Hello! I finally got to try something that I had been hearing awesome things about for ages! They are uncooked, unprocessed Raw Crunch Bars! I love their slogan: “No artificial nothin’!” My kinda food! They come in four varieties: Cranberries, Goji, Blueberries and Chocolate (MM!). The believe the only thing not raw about them is […]

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