Vegan Potato Oat Patties with melted vegan cheese & sautéed tomato and mushrooms


Very lovely vegan patty option for you: Potato and Oat patties with green onion, melted vegan cheese, tomato and mushrooms. They smell really good and taste equally good too! One of my fave recipes that I don’t get around to making too often. Now, this recipe originally came from a post, but I changed […]

Clif Bars Review – Recipes for Healthy Bars – Clif Bars Coupon – Vegan Energy Bars for Fitness and Endurance


I’ve tried to consciously eat more during breakfast, and to also eat more small meals throughout the day. I always eat breakfast, which is good, but I often don’t eat enough because I’m worried I will feel slowed down afterwards. However, this would only be a concern if I were eating a huge stack of […]

My Insanity Journey & Progress – Work out Routines for Home – Insanity Does it Work


I have to say – I had been hoping I would someday find myself doing the Insanity program and now I am! It has be so intense, but I have really enjoyed it at the same time. I feel great and can’t wait till the end of the nine weeks. I hope this continuous post […]

The Simply Bar – High Protein, Low Calorie & More Fiber than Sugar – Vegan Low Sugar Protein Bar


I wasn’t happy with how much sugar my clif bar had in it, so I spent a good 2 hours researching new protein/healthy vegan bars both online and at the store and I found a particularly amazing one! The Simply Bar. Check out the video I made about it. It tasted good whilst I was […]

Kale Pakoras – Recipes for Pakoras


Mmm, wonderful Kale! In case you haven’t experienced the wonders of kale, then maybe some kale pakoras will do the trick! Pakoras usually use tons of oil. I’ve tried to limit the oil used in this. If our oven worked, I would have tried to make this an oven-recipe for pakoras, so that’ll have to […]

Which Cooking Oil is Healthiest – The difference between Refined and Unrefined


All about oil! This post will talk about the different kinds of oils we use in our salads, stir fries, baked goods and more. There are refined oils and unrefined oils, virgin, extra-virgin, cold-pressed…etc. What does this mean in terms of how healthy they are? If you want to know more about which cooking oils […]

Vegan Chocolate Tapioca Pudding – Natural Sweeteners – Healthy Dessert


A chocolate version of the Vanilla Tapioca Pudding recipe! I made the Vanilla version 3 or 4 times and then had to try a chocolate one. I had never had a chocolate tapioca pudding before. The closest tasting pudding was chocolate chia seed puddings. I like serving both the vanilla and chocolate puddings with either […]

Popchips – Healthy popped chips, Not fried! – Pop chips nutrition – Popchips Calories


I recently heard about “Popchips” via Jillian Michaels and her saying it was one of her approved snack foods. When I found out that the chips were popped and not fried or baked, I was intrigued. Seemed like I wasn’t close to any store that carried them, and none of the Canadian online stores I […]

Vegan Blueberry Oat Pancakes – Pancakes with no Eggs – Recipe for Easy Pancakes


I have had a very frustrating past couple of weeks in regards to vegan pancake making. I keep trying to improve recipes or try out different ingredients and I have had to completely toss about three batches. 😐 This morning I really just wanted pancakes haha.. it is a Sunday and my rest day from […]

Recyclable Tea Packaging – How to make tea with loose tea – What is Gynostemma


Tea is so soothing. It can relax you, warm you, calm you down and often has many beneficial properties. There are times when I forget how much I love tea and don’t drink it for days, weeks and even months. Then I decide to make a peppermint tea or a milk oolong and BAM. Why […]

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