Vegan Dumpling – Steamed Vegetarian Wontons


So all these wonton-related recipes are due to the fact that I was originally planning on making won ton soup, but I due to the fact that I’m currently staying with my parents in quite a small town, I haven’t been able to find all the ingredients I need, so I’ve been turning to other […]

Cabbage Stir Fry with Sesame Tofu and Sticky Sushi Rice


I’ve been cleaning up my diet lately and sticking closer to the actual schedule for Brazil Butt Lift, but I wanted to create a nice dinner for my parents and treat myself with some sesame tofu. I hadn’t eaten tofu for months, but lately I’ve been making it occasionally. This turned out to be really […]

iHerb Goodies – Gluten-Free Quinoa Cookies, Vegan Apple Spice Lip Balm, Argan Nut Oil Hand Cream – iHerb coupon 2011


Recently the wonderful people at some me some goodies and I thought I would write a post about them and give a little review on each one. I have been a fan of iHerb ever since I found them last year whilst searching for some health products. I order from them quite regularly, as […]

Vegetarian Sushi Spring Rolls (nori rolls wrapped in spring roll wrappers)


So last night I felt like experimenting a bit. I’m sure this isn’t an original thing…and I know there are definitely similar kinds of sushi preparation to this, but I decided to roll some sushi filled with veggies and then roll them in some spring roll wrappers. I then lightly oiled my hands with some […]

No Bake Chocolate Protein Bars with Vanilla Coconut Icing – Recipe for Protein Bars


I was playing around in the kitchen last night and went a little nuts with ingredients and was a little nervous because I was using up quite a bit of a couple of my semi-expensive ingredients, but it was worth it in the end because I’m really happy with how these turned out! Sometimes you […]

Crispy Banana Blueberry Chocolate Wontons – Easy Wonton Recipe


I had some blueberries and left over wonton wrappers that I wanted to use up, so I thought I’d make an easy dessert with bananas, blueberries, a bit of chocolate and some honey for Calm Mind Busy Body. Ingredients Wonton wrappers 1 Ripe Banana Handful of Fresh Blueberries Chocolate or Carob Chips Optional: Honey Extra […]

How to make Sesame Tofu


Tired of bland-tasting tofu? Spice it up a bit by making some sesame tofu! Even meat lovers will love the taste! I don’t post a lot of recipes for fried tofu, as I try to avoid eating things that are fried, but every once in a while, I get a mad craving for this kind […]

Cabbage Sushi Rolls – Riceless Sushi


Been trying to get back into eating frequent, light meals so that I don’t get weighed down before workouts and so I can keep energized throughout the day. Riceless sushi is always a lovely light meal idea. I made some super simple rolls with only steamed cabbage, cucumber and avocado. If I had some carrots, […]

Crispy Cabbage Wontons – Vegan dumpling – Recipes for pot stickers


I had a strong urge to buy a cabbage when I was out veggie shoppin’ this week. Before I attempted to make a vegan dumpling with my lovely cabbage, I used half in a really spicy cabbage stir fry with strips of baked tofu, which was very delicious, and then I used the leftovers from […]

My Favourite Things to Buy at – 2010/2011

iherb_thumb is a website that offers hundreds of natural products at some of the lowest prices I’ve seen. They ship worldwide, and offer very reasonable shipping to Canada. I usually only pay $4-$6 on shipping. Most online stores I’ve come across have really expensive shipping, and that usually results in me leaving the site, without completing […]

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