PB2 Peanut Butter – Low Fat Powdered Peanut butter & Chocolate Peanut Butter

So, I’ve been intrigued by PB2 for a while now. I’ve probably known about it for about a year, but I never actually buy peanut butter or any other nut butters for myself, so I never went ahead and bought any of the PB2. However, I recently graduated from university (WOOT) and am taking a vacation at my parents house, and my dad always (-always-) keeps peanut butter in the house, and I find that now I’ll get crazy insane peanut butter cravings and it’s crampin’ my fitness/health style because the kind he buys (or used to buy, he’s recently switched to a healthier kind :)) isn’t too healthy.

I figured when I get a PB craving, it wouldn’t even be a bad thing anymore if I use PB2 since it’s way healthier and contains a lot less fat. It also just intrigues me because I’ve heard a lot less reviews, and I wanted to be able to review it on calmmindbusybody.com so anyway…

Exciting: iHerb.com now carries PB2 (& Chocolate Variety), which has MUCH more reasonable shipping to Canada than I have seen anywhere else)

It finally arrived in the mail yesterday! Actually, I bought two – one normal PB2 and the chocolate PB2. I eagerly mixed up the normal kind and gave it a taste. Well, actually, let me first say that I was happy that it took no time at all to mix. You don’t have to let it sit or anything, it mixes and thickens within seconds on stirring the water and the peanuts! Ok, back to the taste – it was certain a nice peanut buttery consistency, more like natural peanut butter, not the horrible Skippy kind with icing sugar and corn syrup and all that (Confession: I do like those kinds, but they are not worth eating as they tend to contain horrible ingredients). The thing I read a lot in the PB2 reviews were that people missed the “stick to the roof of your mouth” stickiness…I see where they are coming from, but I can certainly live without that.

I mixed in a bit of jam with the peanut butter – I enjoyed that quite a bit. They I took out a piece of the pizza crust I had made the other night and tried the PB2 and jam on that… yum! Then I knew that this would solve my peanut butter cravings. Yay!

So… in more simpler terms:


  • Despite having to mix the peanut butter, it doesn’t take any time at all and it helps prevent over eating as you don’t have the jar of already ready peanut butter.
  • Way healthier and all natural ingredients, lower in fat…etc. Awesome!
  • You can choose how thick you want it by the amount of water you use
  • You can choose to not premix and add into a smoothie or protein shake or oatmeal, so it’s easier to mix into things that way that uber sticky storebought peanut butter
  • It comes in a chocolate variety, but doesn’t add any extra fat/calories – it just uses a bit of cocoa.


  • Kind of expensive, actually, really expensive if you live in Canada. don’t even bother trying to order it from the actual PB2 website, or you’ll get something crazy like $60+ in shipping. No thanks, PB2 is not worth that much shipping haha. I ended up getting mine from thelowcarbgrocery.com – still was more than I wanted to spend. If you spend like $75 you can get cheaper shipping, but the PB2 was all that I was interested in on that website. – UPDATE! Oh man, I just saw that iherb.com now carries PB2, thank goodness!…Going to be so much cheaper now. 🙂
  • Not too much of a con, as I don’t eat peanut butter on its own, but I’m not a huge fan of the taste of it by itself. It’s a lot better mixed with jam or eating it on celery/toast/pita …or to make an icing!!

So, in summation, would I buy this again? Yeah, I think so… especially if I find an online store with even cheaper shipping. I spent a little more than I would have liked. I’ll have to experiment more with the chocolate variety, as I’ve only made a dessert icing with it so far, which turned out very good…

I’d still like to experiment with putting PB2 in one of my protein shakes, oatmeal, sauces, baked goods, raw desserts (although adding the PB2 will make it not raw :P)

What are everyone elses thoughts on PB2? Do you like it?

My other observations:

  • I like PB2 with Celery
  • Not really a fan of it on toast so far, but perhaps with a good jam or honey added it might be nice.
  • Good for making chocolate peanut butter cups (a little less fattening too)
  • Good for adding into sauces to give it a peanut flavour
  • Good for adding into desserts/icing
  • Good for adding into smoothies
  • I’m using it up quite quickly without much work…:| Kind of expensive for non-US customers to keep ordering it if they use it regularly.
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