Raw Chocolate Blackberry Cake (Gluten-Free)

Even if you’re not into raw food, if you love chocolate, I’m certain you will love this. Just as delicious as a regular chocolate cake, but without flour, butter, white sugar, eggs…etc. I made a fresh bread pudding a couple of nights before, and now that poor thing is sitting alone in the fridge. Our oven broke a few days ago, and I wanted to make a special dessert, so I looked up one of Ani Phyo‘s recipes that I have wanted to try for a while now. Most of the recipes here are more modified or specifically created for this site, but I wanted to get some more raw recipes on here, and (maybe it was just me losing my mind), but I found that I had to alter the measurements for this recipe quite a bit. I added loads more dates, and I feel that I still could have added more. Ani’s recipe calls for raspberries, but we have fresh blackberries outside so I picked some to put into this cake. I also left out the salt as I rarely add in salt to anything.

Anyway, enough talking, onto the recipe!

*NOTE – I don’t recommend using a Magic Bullet for this. It took me forever to fully mix all the ingredients and I should have just gotten out the food processor, even if it’s more time consuming to clean.

Raw Chocolate Blackberry Cake (Gluten-Free)
  • 3 Cups Walnuts
  • ⅔ Cup Raw Cacao Powder
  • 1½ - 2 cups pitted dates (medjool dates) - Once you start mixing, you will be able to tell if you should add in more dates. If the "batter" is still crumbly and you're having hard time forming a ball with it, add in a little more.
  • ½ cup Blackberries (or raspberries)
For the chocolate frosting:
  • ⅓ cup Soaked pitted Dates
  • ¼ cup Pure Maple Syrup/Honey/Yacon syrup
  • ½ cup avocado (I used ¾th of a medium-sized avocado)
  • ⅓ cup Raw Cacao Powder
Kitchen supplies needed:
  • Large bowl
  • Wooden Spoon (or your hands)
  • Seran Wrap
  • Small Loaf Pan or Ramekins
  • Spoon or knife (for spreading frosting)
  1. Get out a large bowl. Add the walnuts and cocoa into a food processor and grind until the nuts are in tiny pieces. Add in the dates and process until fully ground out together. Place the walnut-date mixture into the bowl.
  2. Start mixing with batter with a wooden spoon or your hands to make sure it's the right consistency (Everything should stick together and not crumble apart.
  3. Next, we'll start the frosting. Take all the chocolate frosting ingredients and blend them together until you get a smooth frosting-like texture.
  4. Get out a small loaf pan or a few ramekins or something similar. (I actually used the little plastic container than the walnuts came in). Then, get out some seran wrap and cover the bottom and sides of the pan so it'll be easier to remove the cake.
  5. Take half of the walnut-date mixture and spread it out on the bottom of the pan. Press it down with your hands to pack it firmly. Spread some of the chocolate frosting over the top.
  6. Next, add the berries on top of the frosting. Add the leftover walnut-date mixture on top and pack down tightly. Now you can flip over the pan and gently remove the cake by pulling on the edges of the seran wrap. Use the leftover frosting to frost the entire cake.
  7. Now you're done! Keep refrigerated and enjoy this delicious cake. 🙂

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  3. wicked! you have some funny ideas. i’ll be sharing this on my blog

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  5. Hi, I tried this chocolate cake recipe yesterday but somehow couldn’t get the same result as you, my cake clearly wasn’t looking that good (but tasted fine). What kind of chocolate are you using? Maybe it’s because of the flour I used, i’m gluten intelorant so I used quinoa flour instead of normal wheat flour.

  6. Hi there Josie – Well, this particular date cake recipe doesn’t include flour at all. How much did you add? That might have caused it to have a change in texture and perhaps not hold together as well as it could have. Hope you still enjoyed it 🙂


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